Hands of Cosmic Strength

Massage therapist treating a client.


Welcoming all to experience Hands Of Cosmic Strength!

I am a licensed and certified massage therapist and my intention is to
provide therapeutic and effective body work that will leave you with afeeling of relaxation and comfort.

If you are someone who suffers from mild to severe discomforts physically
and or the stresses that may arise in daily activities - Have you ever
considered maybe the two go hand in hand?
As a part of your assessment I will consider which techniques would work
best for your specific concerns. Such as guided breath work and sometimes
visualization to help relax the body and bring the mind into the present,
various stretches, pressures and range of motion ability to gain more
knowledge on your bodies current state.

Through touch and intuition my goal is to raise your level of awareness of
your own body providing you with a replenishing massage, so that you may
make conscious decisions to regain your connection between mind and body,
releasing the discomforts and stresses of the past behind you!


Warm Regards, 

Jasmin M. Calderon