Hands of Cosmic Strength

About Me


From an early age Jasmin naturally gravitated towards massage. She was in 2nd grade of elementary school when her mother received feedback from Jasmin’s teachers and the elementary school staff. They reported that they had mentioned how their neck and back hurt and how Jasmin gave them ” the best massage ever “. She was only 8 years old.
Since then Jasmin has attended National Holistic Institute and has studied Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial/Trigger point release, Shiatsu, Pre/Post natal plus many more. She graduated in 2009 and has been a Professional Massage Therapist & Health Educator ever since.
She is passionate about healing others through her magical loving touch and is always upgrading her knowledge on the body, the mind and the soul. Jasmin enjoys being active and traveling. She understands the needs of those ” on the go” and how to bring them back to a relaxed and balanced state of being.
She is looking forward to sharing her Hands of Cosmic Strength with you!